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Your Business Building Starts Here

October 07, 20231 min read

Ready for some business building growth strategies? 

I'm Chris Niemeyer, Founder of the FREEDOM Business System™.

If you're a business owner, have you ever considered that your business, no matter the size, is like a multi-story office building?

 Take a moment to visualize this. This is a glimpse of an exercise we do in my FREEDOM Business System™.

First, pick your favorite city. Locate one of those skyscrapers or buildings and visualize that building represents your business.

Every floor is a unique area of your business.  You've got different departments. Different floors represent areas, opportunities and part of the operations of your business.

So, marketing maybe on one floor. Sales on another. Operations, HR, Finance, etc. Go through your business, all the functions that make your business a well-oiled machine. Consider that every single floor of that building is a separate piece.

Where is your Suite?  Where is your sweet spot? Which floor do you want to operate on exclusively?  Or, mostly?

What are the floors that you need to take the proverbial elevator every once in a while, and go down and open up the elevator?  Check. Hey, how are we doing on this floor?

Let them to their work and you go back up to your sweet spot. This is a powerful exercise I do.

It’s one of the things I coach my business owner clients through - how to set up your business building. And really, your life.  So that you can operate in your sweet spot. Work less, make more. Enjoy more time with your loved ones.

You truly can design the business you want around the lifestyle you desire.

I show you how in the FREEDOM Business System™

If you're interested in more reach out to schedule a call or check out more on this page.

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