About Chris Niemeyer

A little more about me and my purpose to serve others.

About Chris Niemeyer

Entrepreneur. Investor. Business Coach.

If Chris Niemeyer isn’t traveling the world with his wife & 4 young kids or running his businesses and investments from his phone, he’s committed to helping others work ON their business instead of IN it.

A business coach, investor and long-time entrepreneur, Chris is passionate about helping business owners work smarter, not harder to discover more time and financial freedom. Living a life of adventure, spending more time with loved ones and operating in your sweet spot can be a reality as you go through his FREEDOM Business System™.

For years Chris ran his first multi-million dollar company mostly alone. When he became a father, he systematized, hired and raised up a team to run his business so he could spend more time with his family.

Not taking the lifestyle for granted, he wanted to teach and advise fellow business owners. He became a certified business coach and graduated from Goldman Sachs' prestigious Entrepreneurship program.

Chris helps you design your ideal business lifestyle, delegate effectively, leverage productivity tools & build systems. Your business can thrive as you work less, make more and spend time with those you love.

Chris is also a passionate real estate investor and teaches others how to build multiple stream of income through RE. He coaches how to start or scale your real estate income portfolio to maximize profits for a more free and flexible lifestyle.

Outside of work, he and his wife are likely at the beach in Florida playing with their 4 young kids, coaching soccer activities, traveling or enjoying family time.

Ways To Work Together

From direct consulting, 1-on-1 coaching, my courses or a combination, there are a few ways we can work together. I outline these in my blog post below.

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